“It’s okay to feel different things at different times and when you need help, it’s certainly okay to go ask for it.”

Joe Daniher

The product

Proactively monitor trends, identify irregularities and equip your students with resources to develop their wellbeing toolkit. The Liminal student check-in and support functions provides your school with real-time data enabling you to proactively support every student.

The benefits of Liminal

How we help

Spend less time reporting and more time supporting you students

The Liminal Wellbeing management system enables schools and youth programs to monitor wellbeing trends in young people. Liminal utilises innovative technology and provides you with an uncomplicated system to support all young people.

Liminal Management System

Making wellbeing something we want to do, not told to do

The Liminal Wellbeing app is available to all schools and youth programs that partner with Liminal. The app hosts a broad range of tools and resources for young people to begin developing wellbeing strategies that work for them.

Liminal App

Wellness workshops

We are growing a host of wellness workshops and presentations available for schools, corporate organisations, and sporting clubs. Provide your details and we will reach out to you for an obligation-free discussion.


Developed in conjunction with leading
research and psychologists in
youth mental health and wellbeing.

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Liminal are actively seeking schools to trial our program for free. If you are an educator looking for a way to support your school’s wellbeing program, get in touch with us now.