Providing every student the tools to overcome, excel and prosper through life

Support the wellbeing of your students with the Liminal student app and school management program.


The product

Proactively monitor trends, identify irregularities and equip your students with resources to develop their wellbeing toolkit. The Liminal student check-in and support functions provides your school with real-time data enabling you to proactively support every student.


How we help

3-Step Morning Survey

Go one step further than asking ‘are you here’ and ask ‘how are you going today?’ Liminal’s simple survey makes wellbeing check-ins fast and effective.

Identify wellbeing trends among students

Real-time data and excel free reporting in one easy to use program managed through our cloud based system.

Accurately monitor the performance of programs at your school

Utilise Liminal to accurately evaluate the outcome of existing programs at your school. Support school decisions backed by quantitative data so you can put resources into the programs that work.

Developed in conjunction with leading
research and psychologists in
youth mental health and wellbeing.

let’s try

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